Analyst On-Demand Program

Your business is moving fast - deals move quickly. It’s now even harder to find and keep analysts you can trust. Despard Analytics has been a trusted partner to commercial real estate professionals for over 7 years. Through our proprietary consulting offering, we develop and deliver expert analysts to you when needed, just as if they are your full-time associate. 

Each client has unique needs for when and how they complete their financial analysis. Some companies have full-time analysts and only need on-demand help during peak times. Others are in transition, either through growth or turnover, and need a full-time analyst for a period. Still others have a full-time staff but want supplemental expertise for peer reviews or to fill in or review something in a specialty area their team is not familiar with.

Despard Analytics is pleased to announce our “Analyst on-Demand Program” providing a new option for clients to get the right expertise at the right price when you need it. 

We now offer our services as a monthly subscription that meets your unique budget, expertise, and timeframe requirements. Our fractional analyst program enables us to “partner” with you for your analysis needs - whether it is supporting your analyst, serving as your only analyst, reviewing your underwriting, bringing expertise in a segment your team is unfamiliar with, or many other options. Three options are now available for our clients:


Base Level Support

For those needing smaller amounts of work, a flat monthly fee for between 4 and 15 hours at a 20%+ discount off our standard hourly rate, with three-month minimum commitment. Plans start at $500/month.


Partner-Level Support

For a flat monthly amount with a minimum of 16 hours per month, at a 30%+ discount off our hourly rate, with a six-month minimum commitment. Plans start at $1,760/month.


Hourly Support

Not ready for a monthly plan? Analyst support for periodic projects or short-term needs is available at our hourly rate of $175 per hour.

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Monthly and hourly plans to meet your budget.

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Plans for all levels

Base Level

You need consistent support for your growing business.

  • 2-Day Turnaround
  • 24-Hour Reviews
  • Consistent analyst team

Starting at $500/month

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Partner Level

You need a team that can tackle large projects quickly and accurately.

  • 2-Day Turnaround
  • 24-Hour Reviews
  • Consistent analyst team (2-4 analysts)
  • Best rates

Starting at $1,760/month


Commercial real estate is deal-driven. You need a structure that is flexible.

  • Senior analyst
  • Multiple property types
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Pricing & timing quotes


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